Online Spanish Language Lessons

Technology makes language learning easy!

Why study Spanish online?

Perhaps you are preparing for your language learning experience in Cuernavaca, Mexico, or perhaps you want to keep fresh what you have recently learned. Studying Spanish online helps reinforce your Spanish skills and provides continuity.

Use it or lose it!

ASLI online lessons give you a way to learn Spanish effectively through a customized program. Our professional Spanish teachers are native speakers and will guide you through your 60-minute personalized online lessons, email feedback and exercises tailored to your specific needs.

You are the only student and receive 100% of the teacher’s attention. Our classes are prepared just for you, and they can be designed for all Spanish levels and all ages.

Take advantage of this effective language-learning option and learn Spanish live over the Internet.


  • Learn Spanish quickly and comfortably when and where you want
  • Fast improvement in your Spanish
  • Proper pronunciation as you are coached by a native speaker
  • Individualized learning
  • ASLI-online Spanish lessons are designed for all levels

What students say

“My instructor is a fantastic online teacher. She has a terrific grasp of the challenges facing a student learning Spanish and an amazing ability to focus in on a student’s weaknesses and improve them while reinforcing strengths. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Great results, personable, and a good value.”
– Chris Gair, Attorney, Chicago area, Illinois


“Studying via SKYPE allows me to have a private class in the convenience of my home, at a time of my choosing and at a very reasonable price.  All the notes my teacher types are stored for my studying purposes in my computer.  Considering I am in the USA and my teacher is in Cuernavaca, Mexico, it is amazing we have always been able to connect and to hear and see each other with great clarity. The combination of private study with a professor like Susana through technology and in a convenient location is a winning strategy for me.
I recommend the Spanish via SKYPE program or their classes at the school in Cuernavaca.  I believe you will find that either will be well worth your time and a great investment in your continuing education.”
Alicia Butler 


“Since February, after I returned from five days of immersion at ASLI in Cuernavaca, I have continued to study Spanish twice a week with the same wonderful teacher via Skype.

It is so much fun and I’m learning lots. This is my first experience using Skype and I am amazed that it is exactly like being with the teacher in the classroom — one on one.

From the beginning, she has tailored the classes to my particular needs — challenging me but always taking time to be sure I understand and am comfortable with the information before moving to the next topic or exercise. My teacher is very encouraging and gives me confidence that I can become a competent Spanish speaker. These classes are a great value.”
 -Diane Allen


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