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Tired of learning Spanish at home?

Is Cuernavaca safe? Of Course it is.



"My experience in Cuernavaca in June of 2011 is that it was a safe place to be. The students walk and take taxis to town, to classes, and points of interest, and none have experienced violence or problems. It is true, like in many places, there are incidents of violence between drug traffickers however those problems are predominantly at the border."  Teacher from Baltimore

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Try our intensive programs.

ASLI Spanish School in Cuernavaca offers you a combination of efficient Spanish language learning and educational holidays in order to give you a truly fulfilling

Spanish immersion experience in Cuernavaca, México. Our goal is to help you not only to be bilingual but bicultural.

At ASLI we hold classes Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (six hours). All classes emphasize a functional use of the language. We start classes every Monday and all levels of Spanish are accommodated, from complete beginners to advanced students. Ask for a typical schedule.

Our program has been approved by the German government "BILDUNGSURLAUB"
Our program has been approved by airline companies such as “Lufthansa.”


ASLI Spanish School belongs to the Association for the Teaching of Spanish in Cuernavaca. “AIPEC”

This association watches and seeks the quality in the services offered by the Spanish language Schools in Cuernavaca.


 We create tailor-made Spanish courses at a favourable price for groups of people who have similar interests and course objectives. We define a group of 8 or more students (young people or adults) who book, travel and arrive together. This course format is specially designed for a group of family and friends that want to travel together and learn Spanish. Schools, Universities, Companies, Associations, etc.

On the Road Series: Three trips a year with a Spanish Teacher
Our on the Road eight day trips in a small group allow for a wonderful cultural overview to some of our most fascinating locations.  Along with the visit you will have a one hour of dialy Spanish class, at your level and geared toward the locale.  Enhance your conversation skills by helping your Spanish as we go.  These trips cover in a short time the amazing highlights of each place.  We have been visiting these places for years and would like to share our own expertise with you while you discover or re-discover.  We also attract a great international group of people for these trips, and that provides much of the enjoyment.  Our groups are always limited in size so that you will never have the big tour bus herd treatment.



ASLI - Spanish Language Institute. Privada Prado #8, Colonia la Pradera: 52 (777) 3 17 52 9452 or
52 (777) 3 11 00 63.