Spanish & Art

Immerse Yourself in the Art & Culture of Cuernavaca Combine Spanish language courses at ASLI with art classes at the renowned Instituto Botticelli. Master artists are available to teach you technique and skill that will expand your artistic ability in specialized areas such as medieval techniques with gold leaf and egg tempera, Renaissance techniques of... More Information

Spanish Studies & Cooking Class

The Language of Food The language of food is understood around the world. People don’t need a translator to enjoy mouthwatering flavors and aromas. Combine language learning with food and you have a winning recipe. In our ASLI Spanish & Cooking Class, you will learn basic Spanish phrases and food related vocabulary while a local... More Information

Spanish for Teens

An All-inclusive Language & Fun Program Our teen program is a fun, interactive learning experience that won’t feel like school a bit. Created for teenagers looking for an authentic language and cultural immersion experience in Mexico, participants attend daily classes, join group tours, and live with a local family. Our mission at ASLI is to increase... More Information

Spanish & Medical Visit

Combine a Spanish course with medical/dental work in Mexico Cuernavaca is home to some of Mexico’s finest doctors and dentists. If you want to save money on dental care or other medical procedures such as Lasik eye surgery, Cuernavaca is a great destination. Cleaning of teeth Whitening (composite) Fillings (porcelain) Teeth Restoration Bridges Crowns Root... More Information

Spanish & Golf

Improve Your Spanish While Playing Some of Mexico’s Most Popular Golf Courses The region around Cuernavaca is home to some of the finest golf courses in Mexico. Combine your Spanish studies at Cuernavaca with your favorite past time, golf. Golf enthusiasts at our Spanish language school learn Spanish through practice and continuous conversations. Use the... More Information

Spanish & Salsa

Learn to Speak Spanish & Dance Salsa Salsa dancing has taken the world by storm. Why don’t you combine an intense Spanish language course at ASLI in Mexico with salsa lessons with world class instructors. Then dance the night away in one of Cuernavaca’s dance cafes? ASLI has a program that allows you to do just that. You... More Information

Spanish for Seniors

Combine a Vacation of a Lifetime with Learning Spanish Retirement can be a great time to travel and explore new things. It’s never been a better time to learn something new. How about Spanish? The Spanish Language Institute is glad to welcome our senior students. We even encourage senior students to come study by giving... More Information

Spanish & Soccer

Learn Spanish & Play Soccer If you are a soccer lover, come to the ASLI Spanish Language Institute in Cuernavaca Mexico and combine language training with soccer. Experience why soccer is the favorite sport of Mexico, and share the passion for the game with other soccer players. Off the field, we provide exceptional Spanish instruction with... More Information

Spanish & Tennis

Work on Your Game & Language Skills at the Same Time Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico and practice your favorite sport. Tennis, no matter if you play leisurely or competitive, is so much more fun when played under sun and the beautiful backdrop of Cuernavaca. Use the Spanish that you learn in your ASLI Spanish... More Information

Spanish for Volunteers

Be a Volunteer in Mexico & Learn Spanish Our Volunteer Work Programs in ASLI-Spanish Language Institute are an exceptional opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their Spanish skills. Working as a volunteer, you will not only learn Spanish in a native environment but you will also collaborate with the local community and gain valuable work... More Information



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