Spanish & Art

Immerse Yourself in the Art & Culture of Cuernavaca

Combine Spanish language courses at ASLI with art classes at the renowned Instituto Botticelli. Master artists are available to teach you technique and skill that will expand your artistic ability in specialized areas such as medieval techniques with gold leaf and egg tempera, Renaissance techniques of oil layers, or choose an introduction to furniture decoration, drawing through classics, and more.

If you love art, but don’t want to actually create your own masterpieces, you can combine ASLI language classes with a leisure program that includes visiting Cuernavaca’s rich art offerings including galleries, art museums, stunning architecture and more. Satisfy your taste for the culinary arts with visits to some of the fine restaurants in our city.

Cuernavaca’s rich and colorful culture will stimulate your creativity. We can help you organize a program that will satisfy all your needs. Contact us today!

Register now for Spanish & Art? Or learn more about your travel to Cuernavaca and your accommodations during your stay. Find information about pricing, and resources such as books for your Spanish class.



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