Spanish Studies & Cooking Class

The Language of Food

The language of food is understood around the world. People don’t need a translator to enjoy mouthwatering flavors and aromas. Combine language learning with food and you have a winning recipe.

In our ASLI Spanish & Cooking Class, you will learn basic Spanish phrases and food related vocabulary while a local chef will teach you the secrets of Mexican cuisine.

Mexico is rich on flavors and culture. Hernán Cortés and his followers came to the New World in search of gold, but they also found chocolate, peanuts, corn, tomatoes, squash, beans, avocados, vanilla, coconuts, chili, tobacco, and that noble and delectable bird, the turkey. The conquest of Mexico in 1521 gave rise to one of the richest culinary revolutions in history.

Bring together special friends and family, and we’ll inspire you with authentic Mexican flavors that create meaningful memories.

At our Spanish language school, our students not only learn Spanish, but they also are exposed to the rich culture that puts language into context. The Spanish and cooking curriculum includes terminology and information specific to cooking and the culinary arts.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique Language of Food Spanish program at ASLI.



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