Spanish & Salsa

Learn to Speak Spanish & Dance Salsa

Salsa dancing has taken the world by storm. Why don’t you combine an intense Spanish language course at ASLI in Mexico with salsa lessons with world class instructors. Then dance the night away in one of Cuernavaca’s dance cafes?

ASLI has a program that allows you to do just that. You can practice the Spanish that you have learned in our Spanish language courses during your dance class or while enjoying other rich cultural offerings available in Cuernavaca. It’s an authentic learning experience that you will never forget.

Salsa was the result of a musical evolution of various types of Latin rhythms. It began in New York in the 30’s taking influences along the way from different Latin music styles and afro jazz.

Because of the social and political pressures and restraints enforced in Cuba and Puerto Rico, many people emigrated and fled into exile to New York and various other cities of the U.S.A. It was these Caribbeans who grew up in the Spanish Harlem of New York that cooked up this special recipe together with other musicians in the Caribbean.

We can help you organize a Spanish and salsa program that fits your needs. This is an ideal combination, especially for groups. Contact us today.

Ready to register? Learn more about your travel to Cuernavaca and your accommodations during your stay. Find information about pricing, as well as resources such as books materials for your Spanish studies.



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