Spanish for Seniors

Combine a Vacation of a Lifetime with Learning Spanish

Retirement can be a great time to travel and explore new things. It’s never been a better time to learn something new. How about Spanish?

The Spanish Language Institute is glad to welcome our senior students. We even encourage senior students to come study by giving you at 10% tuition discount.

Seniors who sign up for the group and semi-private program are not necessarily separated from group classes. You’ll likely get to learn with a pack of student peers. Most of our seniors have a lot to offer as well as learn in the intergenerational setting. However, the Institute is also careful to teach topics of specific relevance to senior students, including Spanish for travelers, cross-cultural lessons, and organized visits to historical sites in Cuernavaca.

The senior program and discount is available to anyone 65 years or older. Contact us today to learn more and get enrolled in the adventure of a lifetime!

Learn more about your travel to Cuernavaca and your accommodations during your stay. Find information about pricing and tuition, as well as resources such as books and materials for your Spanish class.

(Only one discount is applied)



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