Learn Medical Spanish for work – while on vacation in Mexico!

This program is designed for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who want to improve their Spanish skills and develop their medical Spanish vocabulary in order to effectively interact with their Spanish-speaking patients. Some medical professionals also choose our medical Spanish courses to prepare for service in an international healthcare organization.

ASLI’s medical Spanish courses are customized professional courses that focus on the needs of the student and enhance written and conversational Spanish skills. The curriculum includes medical terminology and information specific to the healthcare field.

Don’t let language barriers interfere with your ability to provide great healthcare

Our Spanish for medical professionals course is specifically designed for nurses, doctors and hospital administrators to help you:

  • Expand your medical Spanish vocabulary
  • Learn how to gather important information from patients and facilitate patient orientation
  • Convey health information to patients
  • Inform and instruct about procedures
  • Prepare the patient for treatment or discharge
  • Make a connection with patients and families

ASLI students may also gather practical experience visiting and volunteering in hospitals, rural clinics, homeopathic clinics, orphanages, and other healthcare facilities to expose them to the health care system in Mexico.

These programs are also available with private or semi-private instruction. Please ask for a specific day’s schedule.

Sample program schedule for the medical Spanish course (Monday through Friday)

9 a.m. to 3 p.m. – 6 hours of intensive language instruction
Language Class – 3 hrs (2-5 students per group)
Grammar, drills and conversation
Functional (or Cultural) Spanish – 1 hr
Situations at the bank, restaurant, hotel, post office; idiomatic expressions; dictation
Conversation Program – 2 hrs
Schedule varies for private and semi-private programs.

Enroll today in Spanish for Medical Professionals.

More details: Learn more about your travel to Cuernavaca and your accommodations during your stay. Find information about pricing and tuition, as well as resources such as books and materials for your studies.



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