Spanish for College Credit

Students can obtain transferable college credit by participating in ASLI Spanish language courses in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Over the past two decades, ASLI has established a relationship with U.S. colleges so that college students can earn college credits through our international study program. Our focus on high quality instruction and the proven success of our programs makes... More Information

Spanish for Hispanics

Many students of Hispanic heritage enroll in an ASLI Spanish immersion program to study their mother language in a formal setting to get a better grasp on grammar and language structure. They also enjoy living the Mexican culture, meeting the people of Cuernavaca and making new friends. At ASLI Spanish Language Institute, we have developed... More Information

Spanish for Teachers

An Authentic Spanish Language Learning Experience for Teachers & Administrators Every summer, ASLI offers courses on a variety of topics of interest for educators who want to bring the culture of Mexico into their classrooms. The activities include classes, readings, foods, art, music, and field study excursions. The Intensive Spanish for ESL teachers and Spanish teachers is... More Information

Spanish for Teens

An All-inclusive Language & Fun Program for Teens Our teen program is a fun, interactive learning experience that won’t feel like school a bit. Created for teenagers looking for an authentic language and cultural immersion experience in Mexico, participants attend daily classes, join group tours, and live with a local family. Our mission at ASLI is... More Information



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