Spanish for Airline Personnel

As Spanish is one of the most-spoken languages in the world, professionals in the travel industry work with Spanish-speaking customers and colleagues on a regular basis. Improve your Spanish-speaking skills to offer quality service and be competitive in your job. Whether you want to familiarize yourself with the basics or refine advanced skills, the ASLI Spanish Language... More Information

Spanish for Business

Spanish has become increasingly important as a business language. ASLI offers business Spanish courses that cover everything from daily business interaction to correspondence and simple legal terminology. Spanish for business will help you develop your language skills for business with your clients, associates, and even employees. Our customized Spanish language training focuses on your specific... More Information

Spanish for Executives

Spanish Proficiency for Executives In an increasingly global market place, business leaders are expected to represent their organization at home and abroad. Spanish has become vital as a business language. ASLI offers Spanish courses for executives that cover everything from daily business interaction to correspondence and simple legal terminology. ASLI has trained business leaders, diplomats and other... More Information

Spanish for Medical Professionals

This program is designed for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who want to improve their Spanish skills and develop their medical Spanish vocabulary in order to effectively interact with their Spanish-speaking patients. Some medical professionals also choose our medical Spanish courses to prepare for service in an international healthcare organization. ASLI’s medical Spanish courses are... More Information

Spanish for Teachers

The Intensive Spanish for Spanish teachers and ESL teachers is designed to supplement and perfect the Spanish language skills of teachers who interact with native-Spanish-speaking students, or for teachers who want to teach more about Mexican culture and history. Our program for educators focuses on the study and practice of specialized vocabulary for use in,... More Information



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