Living with locals during your stay

At ASLI, we believe that it is an important part of your experience to live with a Mexican family. This provides real life situations, not only in the language, but in the culture as well.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience living with a host family. You have the privacy of your own room, and at the same time you share and interact in Spanish with your hosts.

Our host families are considerate hosts, specially screened and chosen to provide excellent attention. Host families are middle- and upper-middle class by Mexican standards.

At ASLI-Spanish Language Institute, every family provides two meals daily, Wi-Fi and transportation to and from the school.

You can choose from:
1. PRIVATE ROOM with your own private bath – $210 per week, per person
2. BUDGET SHARED ROOM with shared bath – $140 per week, per person

Includes two meals daily and transportation to and from school.

Payments can be made directly to the families or to the school. WE DO NOT CHARGE A COMMISSION FROM THE FAMILIES.

Learn more about pricing and related tuition cost, click here.

For those not comfortable staying with a local family, we can help find a hotel or other accommodations. However, we highly recommend taking advantage of the amazing opportunity to experience life with a local host family. Come to Cuernavaca and learn Spanish with your new family!

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