About Us

Founded in 1990, ASLI’s mission is to teach Spanish through experienced native speakers and to introduce our students to the Mexican culture in an intimate setting. We offer high-quality classes and believe that paying attention to individual students’ needs is a priority. The personalized curriculum, beautiful campus, and welcoming hosts create an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Introducing ASLI

We serve students from all over the world, (just read our reviews on TripAdvisor.com). We work closely with universities, medical centers, and corporations to offer tailored learning to students of all abilities. We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching, and many students continue their learning through online sessions when they return home. Learn more…

ASLI in Cuernavaca

Learn about our amazing city. Our beautiful campus is private and safe, and located within walking distance of museums, historical sites and the open air markets for which Cuernavaca is famous. Our founders are native Mexicans who have traveled extensively and lived in other countries, adding a wealth of cultural knowledge – inside and outside of the classroom.

Our clients

For over 25 years we have successfully trained students, doctors, nurses, lawyers, business professionals, missionaries, airline personnel, and government/embassy employees. We also host many individuals and families with a passion for travel. View some of the organizations we have worked with here.

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