Learn Spanish & Experience Mexico with ASLI


As one of the most highly-respected language programs in our region, the ASLI Spanish Language Institute of Cuernavaca provides excellent Spanish instruction while encouraging our students to experience Mexico’s flavors, sounds and culture.

Since 1990, we have trained diplomats, executives, doctors, government officials, students, artists, travelers and people who simply want to brush-up on their Spanish skills.

Why choose ASLI?

When studying Spanish in Mexico, students gain fluency and make new friends from Mexico and from all over the world. Whether you are a beginning student, looking to elevate your speaking skills, a professional boosting your career by mastering conversational Spanish, or a curious traveler hoping for a unique language-learning experience, we have a Spanish immersion curriculum that will cater to your goals.

Spanish for Professionals
Spanish for Travel & Leisure
Spanish for Education & Credit
Basic Spanish Course

We also offer online Spanish lessons, private and semi-private Spanish courses, and translation services.

Educational Excellence

At ASLI we strive for academic excellence with great teachers, small classes and a challenging curriculum. Our highly skilled faculty uses proven teaching methods to help students learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. We are accredited by the AIPEC and by organizations such as the University of Morelos, UTA, and the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay.

Experience Mexico

ASLI offers students a unique language-learning experience in Cuernavaca, Mexico by combining Spanish courses and cultural experiences. Our students are fully immersed in the language and culture of Mexico. We strongly believe that learning Spanish while experiencing the country is the best way to master the language.

Learn Spanish from Native Speakers in an Authentic Environment

With our native-family homestay and cultural program excursions, we merged our passion for travel and education to offer students the experience of a lifetime in Cuernavaca, Mexico. We believe this is the most effective and enjoyable way to learn to speak Spanish.

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