Spanish for Hispanics

Many students of Hispanic heritage enroll in an ASLI Spanish immersion program to study their mother language in a formal setting to get a better grasp on grammar and language structure. They also enjoy living the Mexican culture, meeting the people of Cuernavaca and making new friends. At ASLI Spanish Language Institute, we have developed a unique academic program that addresses some of the linguistic, historical, cultural interests and language learning needs of Hispanic American students.

The program includes: A review of Spanish grammar with special emphasis on false cognates, colloquial Spanish, “Spanglish,” and written accents. Also part of the course is a panoramic view of Mexican history and culture.

We can customize this program as a group, private, or semi-private course.

Register today to visit Cuernavaca and for a targeted Spanish learning experience for Hispanics. Please click here for pricing, or contact us with any questions today.



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